Welcome to The Punch Card Investor

I’m a private investor working in investment management in Singapore, with prior experience in M&A and investment banking. In this blog I will be doing deep dive research pieces into specific companies that I find interesting and may be compelling long term investments. My sector interests and experience are largely in technology, media, gaming and consumer sectors, but I am looking to expand my circle of competence gradually. My deep dives will essentially be standalone investment papers comprising of in-depth analysis of the companies and their value proposition, the investment thesis, valuation and return projections, and risks / bear case arguments. My objectives with the blog are to help me formalise my thinking on these companies, share ideas and insights, and receive feedback. Above all else, I am dedicated to learning. Over time I will also look to expand this space to share my thoughts on broader investment topics as well as book summaries / reviews across a variety of subjects that I read including business, psychology and history.

Past deep dives: Etsy, Take-Two, Sea Limited, Zebra Technologies, Nvidia

Thank you for dropping by, and please feel free to reach out anytime via comments in the blog or Twitter @punchcardinvest.